Toolkit, Launching June 1, 2020

Toolkits: Crafting a targeted end-to-end experience

GoCanvas is a SaaS platform designed for businesses left behind in the digital revolution, specifically small and mid-sized companies that generally employee individuals as part of dispatch and workflow type jobs (think plumbers, construction workers, linemen, etc.) The software allows users with no little to no technical knowledge to create digital forms for data capture and then utilize those forms in endless combinations and scenarios. The forms are created through a “builder-type interface” which affords a tremendous amount of flexibility and customization. Basically, anyone can do anything with it.

But that’s what makes the product complicated. Many who find us are looking for a single solution for their specialty business. When presented with the common platform, prospective customers are often overwhelmed and they tend to abandon the product before they can really get an opportunity to understand it. Our market share is stagnating and the digital forms field has become competitive in the last several years.

So we pivoted - we decided to create a custom solution and remove some of the functionality in order to elevate only the essential needs of a particular industry. Our users span a wide range of technical capabilities, therefore, we must ensure that people anywhere on the digital spectrum can easily use our software. In addition, we want to delight and inspire our users to think beyond what they imagined to be possible while not overwhelming them. We want to give them just what they need, when they need it.

Enter the GoCanvas Toolkit. Details coming June 1, 2020.