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GoCanvas: Brand Refresh

While still calling itself a start-up, GoCanvas is best described as a growing SaaS organization that is largely operating in a competitive field of mobile and digital offerings for SMBs. For years the company has been using messaging that has been focused on a singular offering (paper to mobile forms) as well as a brand that was disconnected from the types of work that our customers do - heavy field work in industries like construction, utilities and transportation.

The project has had several unique requirements, including the need to keep the existing name and logo, retention of the primary color palette and the adherence to the font system we had invested in. We also had a sensitivity to the sheer volume of development work that would be required if we were to move completely away from these foundational pieces that comprise much of our existing product design. In a nutshell, the project has been a challenge. It has required moving us towards a new brand experience while maintaining ties to where we came from, while simultaneously minimizing the effort required to completely overhaul our product and web offerings. We also needed to create something that resonated with our executive team and our board of directors in addition to the target audience.

To that end, the team and I have focused on a revised content and design approach that includes a new brand message, while removing some of the “softer” elements that created friction between what we do and who we serve. In short, we wanted our brand to feel familiar and approachable, even for those who felt intimidated by technology, but to also feel serious and “tough enough” to match the conditions that many of our customers work in.

We began the process in early 2019 and in the second half of the year, we were able to make great strides towards finalizing our brand refresh. The culmination of that effort is rolling out in stages, starting with our product and website in Q1, 2020. The project deliverables include:

  • A new brand narrative and brand promise that speaks to our customer base;
  • A revised approach to our product’s feature nomenclature that uses less technical terms;
  • A revised secondary and tertiary color palette that works on the website and within our product;
  • An additional font family to give us the ability to feel more “relatable” in our visual design;
  • An extended set of icons and controls that could leverage our existing investment in Google’s Material Design and Font Awesome libraries;
  • A custom photography and video that leverages our in-house talent;
  • Less custom illustration which had been cost-prohibitive and time consuming to maintain.

Early testing has indicated that the new approach more tightly resonates with our audience. In multiple usability studies to review the new website and product UI with non-customers, 95% preferred the new design and messaging to the existing presentation, with over 60% asking if they could purchase the product that day.

We also ran several different qualitative tests with existing customers and the majority (78%) preferred the updated messaging and brand to the existing messaging and branding, with over 80% reporting the new nomenclature made more sense than the existing nomenclature in the product.

Project Lead, Lead Designer, UX Lead

Launch Date
Brand narrative and messaging: Completed, Fall 2019
Website redesign: Q3, 2020 *Delayed due to COVID-19
Product Update: Q3-Q4, 2020  *Delayed due to COVID-19
Internal artifacts update (PPT, sales materials, etc): Ongoing

Design Artifacts and Project Assets
Moodboard [approved]: Your Company. Your Canvas. GoCanvas. 
Moodboard [rejected]: Wherever, Whenever, However You Work.
Moodboard [rejected]: Imagine Your Business in GoCanvas.

Desktop, InVision Prototype (in-progress)
Mobile, InVision Prototype (in-progress)