I've had some great presentations and awards over the span of my career including:


  • TTS Special Act Award, June 2022.

  • Tech in Motion (TIMMY awards), Best Tech Manager in DC, Runner Up, October 2019.

  • GoCanvas Rockstar Award: Authenticity, June 2019.

  • DCFemTech Recipient for Design, May 2018.

  • Recipient of one of the few United Airlines bug bounty awards (250,000 airline miles) for discovery of a large security hole in the new United.com flight booking system, September 2015.

  • Co-inventor of the SSC risk model, the very first patent granted to the Advisory Board Company and the only woman on the team, September 2013

  • Developer on various sites winning over 30 awards including 4 Webby Honorees, a People’s Choice Award and a Webby for outstanding work, September 2003 – September 2010.

  • Recipient of the EDUCause Administrative Application of the Year Award, GWU Housing Module, 2003.

Conference Talks, Articles & Presentations:

  • Policy Author -"Bringing Opportunities to Incarcerated Persons and Prison-Tech Startups", January 2022

  • Panelist -"Rocking the Virtual Interview: A Panel Discussion with UX Hiring Managers", June 2020

  • Co-presenter at K1 Product and Engineeering Summit - "Workshop: 7 Wartime Actions to take in R&D Right Now", May 2020

  • Speaker at MOCO UX - "The UX of Landing Your First Job", May 2019

  • Speaker at K1 Product and Engineeering Summit - "Elevating the User Experience", May 2019

  • Interviewee/SME - “US Hospitals are now required by law to post prices online. Good luck finding them. ” 
    https://qz.com/1518545/price-lists-for-the-115-biggest-us-hospitals-new-transparency-law/, January 2019

  • Panelist - "Beyond the Code: Celebrating Women in Tech", June 2018

  • Interviewee/SME - “What Comes After User-Friendly Design?” 
    https://www.fastcodesign.com/90139957/what-comes-after-user-friendly-design, September 2017

  • Co-Presenter at DC Full Stack - "Agile in Government: Reimagining a Department of Education Program", June 2017

  • Presenter at UXDC - "Strategic UX (StrUX): How to derive a product your users will love while keeping your stakeholders happy", April 2017

  • Presenter at Purdue University - "The UX of landing your first job", April 2017

  • Presenter at Midwest UX Conference - "Becoming One with Your Users: MODELing your own behavior to understand theirs", October 2016

  • Panelist at Duke University's Fuqua Tech Symposium - "Elevating the User Experience", September 2016

  • Presenter at DCWebwomen [CodeHer] conference - "Bringing UX to your organization", September 2015

  • Co-Presenter at Museums in the Web - "Pimp My Site Architecture: Reorganization and Usability Tools and Tactics to Reinvigorate Museum Web Sites on a Budget (Pt 2)", April 2010

  • Co-Presenter at Museums in the Web - "Pimp My Website: tech Tools to Redesign and Reinvigorate Museum Websites on a Budget", April 2009

  • Presenter at EDUCause, "The House that GWU Built", October 2003.

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